Music for What a Witch

Music has been a part of film almost since the beginning of motion pictures. Music originally had a practical use: to keep the audience from talking and to dull the sound of the noisy projector.
Today, music is used in various ways in movies: as part of the story as in musicals, as background music within the story (e.g. when the protagonist turns on the radio) and as background music to which only the audience is privy. It is used to compliment the film. Though the film score is intended to be subtle, it is far from inconsequential. The music adds to the emotional quality of the film.

What a Witch is a very visual shortmovie with almost no dialogue. Music therefore, plays a big role in telling a story with visual impressions. It has to transfer the emotions of the characters and give the whole content an atmosphere.

There have been several struggles with the score for What a Witch. Different music styles were tried out but proved unsatisfactory.
After a long while however, it came to a positive result: Ralf Hildenbeutel composed cineastic sounding music with piano and string recordings to be used as score for What a Witch.

The compositions are mostly a collection of piano-improvisations. The string arrangements followed afterwards and with the sample library on the computer, Ralf Hildenbeutel produced layouts. Afterwards, the stringrecordings were made. Most of the piano recordings were made in Ralf’s own “Schallbau Studios” nearby Frankfurt, some of the strings were recorded in Spain and some of them in Frankfurt. Ralf could control the recordings live via the internet.

Ralf Hildenbeutel is musician, composer, producer and labelowner. Through his classical education in piano and composing since the age of nine, he has become very familiar with composers such as Debussy, Bach, Chopin and Satie.

What a Witch contains four themes in different variations. Here is an extract from one of the score themes:

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  1. sarah Says:

    wonderful composition!! where can i find more??

  2. Boris Seewald Says:

    check for more infos. But there will also come more infos about the music the next days…

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