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Ralf Hildenbeutel is a musician, composer, producer and labelowner. From the early age of nine, through his classical education in piano and composing, Ralf Hildenbeutel became familiar with composers such as Debussy, Bach, Chopin and Satie.

In the ninties, he produced the albums of Sven Väth on the legendary EYE-Q label, he made an endless number of remixes for artists such as Anne Clark, Robert Palmer and Yello, he toured live with his electronic/dance project EARTH NATION and released the award winning soundtrack Hommage á Noir. Through such work, Ralk Hildenbeutel contributed significantly to the most influential music movement of the time.

1997 was the time for new direction. With the production team Schallbau,he became one of the most succesful producers in Germany with production and co-writes for artists such as Laith Al-Deen (5 Gold Albums incl. 4 Top Ten), Yvonne Catterfield (4 Gold/Platinum Albums) and Simon Collins.
During his time in London between 2003 and 2006, he succesfully made production and co-writings for internatinal artists and projects. In the meantime he worked regularly on several scores (Mondscheintarif, Be.Angeled, Reine Formsache…).

In 2008 he founded his new own label Rebecca & Nathan. This platform allowed him to combine electronic and acoustic music both as an artist and producer, he also developed artists such as Cargo City.

Ralf Hildenbeutel has been awarded with the VIVA Comet as best producer and also with the Goldmedal Award for Score on the New York Filmfestival.

(Official Press-Info, 2008)

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