Lucy’s Dream

Lucy’s Dream is Ralf Hildenbeutel’s first solo work for years. It is a cineastic sounding album which sounds like a soundtrack to a fictive movie with its piano and string recordings. The album is a culmination of many different influences. His second homebase in Paris and his regular stays in London have influenced Ralf Hildenbeutel’s work in a similar way to his classical education and his collaborations with both national and international artists. Lucy’s Dream is a culmination of all such influence, a piece of film music in his own style, which was composed before the movie, yet several tracks were later used from this album as soundtrack for What a Witch.

For What a Witch, Ralf Hildenbeutel will rearrange the tracks and adjust it to the pictures.

The compositions are mostly a collection of piano-improvisations which have been worked out later on. In this way, the composing itself could be kept intuitive which was a very important point to Ralf. The string arrangements followed afterwards and with sample library on the computer he produced layouts. Afterwards, the string recordings were made. All of the piano recordings were made in Ralf’s own “Schallbau Studios” nearby Frankfurt, while some the strings were recorded either in Spain or Frankfurt. Ralf could control the recordings live via the internet.
Bringing and mixing together the string and piano recordings at he end of the production was a very special moment in the process of the album production. Ralf counts this album to one of his most important works so far.

For the cover art Ralf worked together with the Austrian photographer Bernd Preiml. Preiml is internationally well established and is well known for his mystical, sometimes abstract and artistic photo compositions.

Lucy’s Dream was published by the Label Rebecca & Nathan, which was founded in 2008 by Ralf Hildenbeutel. This label provided Ralf Hildenbeutel with a platform to release his own solo-projects and to develop artists. It is a label for electro-acoustic music, “Music for music lovers”. Other than that, there are no particular “style dogmas” as the music itself should be in the foreground. This may sound a little “dated”, but in the current music market, where it has become increasingly difficult to stay constantly succesful it might be just as important to be committed to a thing, which probably has caused highly emotional moments in everybody’s live at least once already: Music!

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