Script Supervisor: Caroline Franklin

I have always been interested in trying new things and felt that the What a Witch project was a great opportunity for me to do that. As much as I learnt from that experience, I could not help but bring my camera along and take a few of my own shots, some of which were also put up on the website.

Photography has always been something that has captured my imagination. I started pursuing this passion seriously two years ago, although I have had my fair share of experience before that. These past two years I have been working freelance, my jobs ranging from weddings, advertising and events to working with a professional at his exhibition in Covent Garden, in London. I have dabbled in profile photography as well in my own time.

Apart from my deep love for the photographic world, I tend to travel as much as my time (and money) allow and tend to mix my travelling with photography whenever I get the chance. My vision is to capture the worlds great and various cultures with my camera and portray just how vast our humanity can grow to be.


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