The Look

After the editing was finally completed, or let’s say; After editing the film in various ways (which included to redo the music each time because the length did not fit any more) and taking the time to decide for a final version (there are so many different ones, I’ve stopped counting), a “Look” which fits well to the movie should be created.

For What a Witch, a kind of “dreamy” look would fit, to give the whole film a “mystical” touch. To create this look, I founded the following method:

Copy the scene and put it a layer above the original one. For layer one you put the contrast up to 50% and a fast blur up to 10%. The layer above you transform to Black and White and put down the opacity to 70%… Done!

Here is a screen shot with a little explanation (the software is in German, sorry about that):

It really is as simple as it sounds, but it has a great effect. A little extract of the film with the look:

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