Ralf Hildenbeutel | Wunderland

Wunderland by What a Witch’s score composer Ralf Hildenbeutel follows up the preview purely with strings and piano recorded album Lucy’s Dream, however it is much more continuating and playful. You hear accordeons, piano, glockenspiel and strings, toypiano and ukuleles, partly peppered with spoken vocal pieces like sequences from movies.

The stringquartet at the sea (”Heimweh”), a reverby piano (”Merry goes round”), canonlikes playing kalimbas, the rythmic The Feast (Musicvideo made by What a Witch’s Director Boris Seewald), an almost epical “From Elsewhere” or the walz The Spirits that I Called with Dorit Chrysler playing the theremin (this fascinating instrument which is played by the distance from the hands to two aerials) shows the variety of the new album.

The recordings have been made whithin the last two years. Whenever there was time inbetween other projects and productions Ralf collected numberless ideas, bits and pieces, archived them, elaborated them. Collected items such as toypiano, accordeons or the old violin of his grandfather have been used as well as harp, guitars or an old french glockenspiel.

The album was completed by the wunderful artwork of the German-Russian artist Sonja Sofia Yakovleva.

Lean back and enjoy. Again a very personal album of the artist who recommends to listen to it at once. It seems a bit old-fahioned in these days but it increases the pleasure of listening exquisitely…


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